Questions that needs to be asked to a wedding photographer

Why is it important to choose your wedding photographer

The selection of a photographer is one of the basic necessities of any occasions and especially when we talk about wedding.

The photographs recapture all the old events and the time when a particular event was happen and the memories associated with it. So choosing a wedding photographer is really important as there comes many questions in mind during the selection process.

What questions should you ask before choosing your wedding photographer

I want to put forward some of the question to ask a wedding photographer before making a final decision in choosing a photographer:

1. We should ask as how long that person(s) are into that profession and are they a member of any organization which deals in photography. All such information is necessary to be asked both personal and professional as it is first and the foremost thing one should ask. Moreover we should view their portfolio.

2. What kind of camera does they have and the quality of that camera is also important and specially the condition of the camera because if in case there occur some fault in the camera than what is the backup of that camera .what about the images that has been shot before the occurrence of any fault to that camera?

3. How many pictures will be captured and what will be the cost per picture? What additional benefits will be provided like will they shoot both black and white and colored photographs. What about the photo album? Is that included in the package?

4. After how many days of wedding, the photographer will send the album .Will they send the soft copy of the pictures first or both hard and soft copy will be sent together.

5. How many days in advance that wedding photographer needs to be booked? If in case there is any cancellation than what will be the process? The booking amount needs to confirmed first and whether they will charge anything if the booking is cancelled.

6. The photographers should be asked as how many wedding has they shot and what was the size of all the weddings in accordance with people that attended the wedding. An average should first be calculated so that there would remain no doubt later.

7. Depending upon the number of volume of the people attending that wedding, photographer should be asked as how many persons will allocated for capturing the photographs so that no important event would get missed as we all know that after some days the relatives complain that they do not see any of their photographs whenever they view photo album of that wedding ceremony.

8. One more important thing that needs to be asked to the photographer is that if there are any other events that they had to capture after the wedding ceremony is over or in other words are they going to shoot some other wedding event. Itís really important to know because in such cases the photographer sometimes misses out some moments in a need of rushing to other wedding in that same day. So it needs to be asked at what time they will arrive at the site and how long will they shoot and if the event lasts longer than what will be the charge of staying for that period of time.

 Hiring a wedding photographer : My final advice for you

Lastly do remember to sign a contract with the photographer as it is advised not to book any such person without a written contract as it will be treated as a proof in case they do not provide the service according to the contract.

What is your experience with the wedding photographers?

Have you ever hired a wedding photographer?

Please share with me your experience, thoughts and opinion. I would be glad to here from you!

For more information about the questions you should ask to a wedding photographer before taking your decision, please look also here.


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